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Dedicated to serving our customers with a smile, we aim to provide top-quality travel tips and helpful resources for planning vacations. Then visitors can enjoy a fun-filled online shopping experience with useful must-have products and unique, hard-to-find or originally designed merch to interest and appeal to all walks of life at any age.

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Check out our latest designs from printables and digital products such as eBooks, digital and print-ready greeting cards, printable travel games for the road, Print on Demand (POD) t-shirts or mugs, customized items, and more!

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Offering traditional retail and hand-crafted products that serve our audience of travel lovers, campers, pet owners, RV & motorhome enthusiasts, hikers, boaters, cruisers, beachgoers, and beyond.

Destinations & Such LLC: Our Story

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

 Life's Good and Challenging Times Propel Us to Rise Up & Do Great Things

Welcome to Destinations & Such LLC!


Greetings from Yvonne Brouse and the D & S team! Yvonne and her team hope her website and online shop will be a favorite among many, as a place to find treasured gifts, wearables, and items related to travel. The Destinations & Such team hopes they will bring more value to your daily living by offering travel-related gifts, collectibles, resort apparel, digital greets, and printable products such as games, planners, eBooks & printable journals. You'll be happy to discover great value in our resources and travel tips to assist with vacation planning, advanced prep purchases for your travels, and helpful reviews on restaurants, resorts, and entertainment venues.


Yvonne’s Mom passed in the fall of 2022. She will always carry the heart-filled memories of those special times with her mom. Yvonne’s Dad was the inspiration behind the Road Maverick designs in our various online shops including on Etsy, Printful, and others. When Yvonne’s Dad was in his young 80’s (yes, YOUNG!) and STILL running a business, she cherished the time spent assisting her dad with his 3rd and final trucking business. He passed away in the fall of 2021 and was a true, original Road Maverick with many admirable traits. Yvonne hopes others see themselves, loved ones, or friends as “Road Mavericks” too. 


Yvonne’s past work in management includes 18 years in the Travel Industry and becoming a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) and Manager. For many years, alongside her spouse, Yvonne has managed property rentals and continues to be involved with property management and renovations. 

The D & S team is excited about this new adventure and growing Destinations & Such. This online business is almost a decade in the making. Yvonne dedicates this business to her Mom & Dad, family, and friends for being encouragers and helpers through life’s good and challenging times. Her prayer is that Destinations & Such business blesses many people near and far.

We hope our D & S followers will feel a part of our D & S community whenever they visit our website or social media platforms. Thank you for considering following us online and sharing any of our information. Much D & S love to you!


*Enlightening others to the beautiful, explorable world out there and all the joy you can experience while traveling it.

*Helping make the travel and vacation planning experience easier with our useful printable planning products, appropriate and comfortable attire, and must-have gear.

*Expanding happiness in others by providing Digital Greets, printable cards & t-shirts, and customizable products to bless others with a smile and brighten their day!